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State and Province News – February 2016

Therese Dunphy on Feb 01, 2016

CALIFORNIA Planetary scientists are testing a new type of drill, which is intended to look for signs of life deep below Mars’ surface, at a United States Gypsum Co. operation in California. According to the Arizona Science and Innovation Desk, the ...

State and Province News – January 2016

Therese Dunphy on Jan 07, 2016

MAINE The U.S. Department of Labor filed a complaint seeking a court-ordered injunction prohibiting quarry owner Conrad J. Smith from interfering with or preventing Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspectors from inspecting his site and enforcing safety measures there. According ...

State and Province News – December 2015

Therese Dunphy on Dec 01, 2015

California Blue Mountain Minerals recently enjoyed some positive mainstream press. The Modesto Bee reported that limestone quarried by Blue Mountain is spread on croplands to enrich the diets of poultry and cattle, as well as providing nutrients in grass plants that ...

The Moody Flats quarry in California being put on hold leads State and Province News for November

Therese Dunphy on Nov 16, 2015

California 3M put its 1,850-acre Moody Flats Quarry project on hold for now. According to Record Searchlight, the company has not withdrawn its application or its EIR nor does it want to change the scope of the project. It simply isn’t ...

State and Province News September 2015

Therese Dunphy on Sep 01, 2015

Connecticut A zoning application in Waterbury faces opposition from neighbors, according to Republican American. The request comes from Michael Hychko, who applied for a special permit for commercial earth excavation and hazardous industrial operations, as well as several variances. If approved, ...

State and Province News – August 2015

Therese Dunphy on Aug 03, 2015

California Despite a request from Syar Industries, the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency declined to write a letter of support for the operator’s expansion. According to the Napa Valley Register, Syar Industries would like to enlarge its 497-acre quarry by ...

State and Province News: July 2015

Therese Dunphy on Jul 01, 2015

Indiana In early June, Judge Randy Williams ruled against Rogers Group Inc. in a case it brought against Tippecanoe County. The Lafayette Journal & Courier reports that the lawsuit involved the county commissioners, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Area Plan ...

State and Province News

Therese Dunphy on May 01, 2015

California Vulcan Materials Co. is in the process of transforming all of the original 30- to 50-foot benches at its Azusa operation into 1- and 2-foot microbenches that match the contours of the natural hillside. According to the San Gabriel Valley ...

State and Province News

Therese Dunphy on Mar 01, 2015

California 3M submitted a draft environmental impact report (EIR) for its proposed 1,850-acre Moody Flats Quarry in Shasta County, but faces opposition from local residents and California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Record Searchlight reports that more than 300 letters ...

State and Province News

Therese Dunphy on Feb 03, 2015

California The Napa County Planning Commission will meet on Feb. 18 to continue its review of a request to expand Syar Quarry. According to the Napa Valley Register, the operator wants to expand its 497-acre operation by 124 acres and increase ...

State and province news – January 2015

Therese Dunphy on Jan 05, 2015

Iowa The Higman family announced that it sold its Akron aggregates business to Sioux Falls-based L.G. Everist Inc. Steve Mousel, the new owner’s chief financial officer, told The Akron Hometowner that “we have an opportunity here for one family-owned business to ...

State and province news

Therese Dunphy on Nov 01, 2014

California The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors straw voted through the draft General Plan’s Mineral Resources section during a review meeting, discussed the environmental impacts of mining on riverbeds, and laid the groundwork for extending the time period between mining permit ...