420E Backhoe Loader

November 12th, 2007




With standard pilot-operated joystick controls, a more comfortable operator station, new extendible stick design and increased performance, the 420E/420E IT lets you get more done with less effort.  


Units:  US 

Net Power – SAE J1349

89 hp

Engine Model (Standard)

Cat® 3054C DIT

Gross Power – SAE J1995

93 hp

Net Power – ISO 9249

90 hp

Gross Power – ISO 14396

92 hp

Net Power – EEC 80/1269

90 hp


4.13 in


5 in


268 in3

Net Torque Rise @ 1400 rpm – Standard

37 %

Net Peak Torque @ 1400 rpm – Standard – SAE J1349

285 lb ft


Dig Depth – Standard

14.333 ft

E-Stick Retracted

14.4167 ft

E-Stick Extended

17.916 ft

Reach from Swing Pivot – Standard

18.4167 ft

E-Stick Retracted

18.5833 ft

E-Stick Extended

21.833 ft

Bucket Rotation

205 Degrees

Bucket Dig Force – Standard

13875 lb

E-Stick Retracted

13863 lb

E-Stick Extended

13863 lb

Stick Dig Force – Standard

9662 lb

E-Stick Retracted

9616 lb

E-Stick Extended

7023 lb

Stick Lift @ 2440 mm (8 ft) – Standard

5722 lb

E-Stick Retracted

5298 lb

E-Stick Extended

3564 lb

Loading Height – Standard

11.9167 ft

E-Stick Retracted

11.75 ft

E-Stick Extended

13.5833 ft

Loading Reach – Standard

5.833 ft

E-Stick Retracted

6.167 ft

E-Stick Extended

9.083 ft


Operating Weight – Maximum

23568 lb

Operating Weight – Nominal

15474 lb


496 lb

Auto-Shift Transmission

84 lb

Ride Control

55 lb

Four Wheel Drive

342 lb

MP Bucket 1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3) w/Fold-Over Fork

1949 lb

MP Bucket 1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3) w/o Fold-Over Fork

1019 lb

Loader, IT w/QC

745 lb

Extendible Stick (no weights)

595 lb

Counterweights (Option 1)

255 lb

Air Conditioning

84 lb

Counterweights (Option 2)

510 lb

Counterweights (Option 3)

1075 lb


Bucket Capacity – General Purpose

1.25 yd3

Bucket Width – General Purpose

7.4167 ft

Dump Height @ Max Angle – Single Tilt

8.4167 ft

Dump Reach @ Max Angle – Single Tilt

2.833 ft

Dump Height @ Max Angle – IT with QC

8.25 ft

Dig Depth – Single Tilt

4 in

Lift Capacity @ Full Height – Single Tilt

6457 lb

Dump Reach @ Max Angle – IT with QC

2.75 ft

Bucket Breakout Force – Single Tilt

10242 lb

Dig Depth – IT with QC

6 in

Bucket Breakout Force – IT with QC

10593 lb

Lift Capacity @ Full Height – IT with QC

6975 lb

Hydraulic System

Circuit Type

Closed center, load sensing

Pump Capacity (@ 2200 rpm)

43 gal/min

System Pressure

3611 psi

Pump Type

Variable-flow, axial piston

Steering Type

Front wheel

Power Steering


2WD Cylinder – Bore

2.6 in


4.7 in

Rod Diameter

1.4 in

4WD Cylinder – Bore

2.6 in


4.7 in

Rod Diameter

1.4 in

Brake System

Inboard, oil-immersed, multiple disc

Power Train

Power-Shuttle, Forward 1st

3.7 mph

Forward 2nd

5.9 mph

Forward 3rd

12.4 mph

Forward 4th

24.9 mph

Power-Shuttle, Reverse 1st

3.7 mph

Reverse 2nd

5.9 mph

Reverse 3rd

12.4 mph

Reverse 4th

24.9 mph

Auto-Shift (opt), Forward 1st

3.6 mph

Forward 2nd

5.8 mph

Forward 3rd

12 mph

Forward 4th

16.5 mph

Forward 5th

24.9 mph

Auto-Shift (opt), Reverse 1st

3.6 mph

Reverse 2nd

7.6 mph

Reverse 3rd

16.6 mph

Operating Specifications – Backhoe

Turning Circle: outside, front wheels

26.75 ft

Turning Circle: outside, widest loading bucket

35.583 ft

Axle Ratings

Front Axle, 2WD, Static

50582 lb


20233 lb

Front Axle, 4WD, Static

50582 lb


20233 lb

Rear Axle, Static

50582 lb


20233 lb

Service Refills

Cooling System, A/C

4.2 gal

Cooling System, High-Ambient

4.4 gal

Fuel Tank

38 gal

Engine Oil w/Filter

2 gal

Transmission-Torque Converter, 2WD, Power Shuttle

4.9 gal

Transmission-Torque Converter, 4WD, Power Shuttle

4.9 gal

Rear Axle

4.4 gal

Rear Axle, Planetaries

.45 gal

Front Axle, 4WD

2.9 gal

Front Axle, Planetaries

.2 gal

Hydraulic System

20.9 gal

Hydraulic Tank

10 gal

Transmission-Torque Converter, 4WD, Auto Shift

5 gal



SAE J/ISO 3450, ISO 3450 1996

Cab – ROPS

SAE J1040 May 1994/ISO 3741 1994

Cab – FOPS

SAE J/ISO 3449 APR98 LEVEL II and ISO 3449: 1992 LEVEL II

Cab – Sound

ANSI/SAE J1166 Oct 98 is 82.4 dB (A)

Exterior Sound

SAE J88 JUN86 is 72.3 dB (A)


Front 2WD Standard Size

11L-16 F-3

Standard Ply



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