MSHA Alerts

Close Call Accident Alert: Water truck rolls over, driver wearing seatbelt unharmed
Fatal Accidents Alert: Two deadly accidents occur in restricted areas of mines; miners were alone
Serious Accident Alert, best practices issued following electrical accident
Fatalgram: Equipment operator killed in machinery accident, best practices offered
MSHA issues Fatalgram following death of loader operator
Serious Accident Alert issued following maintenance shop accident, best practices offered
Serious Accident Alert: Miner slips and falls from portable ladder, best practices from MSHA
Serious Accident Alert: Miner's arm gets entangled in conveyor belt, best practices offered
Serious Accident Alert issued after tire changing incident, best practices offered
Serious Accident Alert: Hydraulic excavator overturns, operator injured
MSHA issues Winter Alert focused on cold weather mine safety
Close Call Alert: Undetonated shot explodes when hit by bucket