MSHA Alerts

MSHA issues Structural Failure Alert to remind miners of potential dangers
Serious Accident Alert issued after crusher accident; best practices offered
Seasonal Safety Alert issued for October, deadliest month at MNM operations
Fatalgram: Vehicle rollover accident, MSHA offers best practices
Close Call Alert issued after ground failure, Best Practices offered
Fatalgram issued following drill maintenance accident, Best Practices offered by MSHA
MSHA issues Seat Belt Safety Alert for mobile equipment operators
Fatalgram: Power haulage accident, MSHA offers best practices
Haul truck falls over embankment; MSHA issues serious accident alert, best practices
Blocking against motion safety alert, best practices
Roof Collapse Safety Alert issued after 10 roof falls in July and August
Close call alert: Miner gets trapped in truck dump chute, MSHA offers best practices