Diesel fuel price report: October 21, 2013

EQW Staff

October 21, 2013


The Energy Information Administration (EIA) began reporting diesel fuel prices Thursday, just one day after we posted the diesel fuel report with information provided by ProMiles’ Fuel Surcharge Index.

The EIA had stopped reporting diesel fuel prices after October 7 due the 16- day federal government shutdown that began October 1.

Note: Due to differences between the October 14 reports from Fuel Surcharge Index and the EIA, all changes in prices reported here are compared only to the figures from the EIA.

Following five consecutive weeks of declining costs, U.S. diesel fuel prices remained unchanged for the week ending October 21.

Diesel prices varied among U.S. regions, with five regions seeing increasing costs, four regions experiencing declining costs and one region remaining unchanged.

The Rocky Mountain region experienced the greatest weekly decline, with diesel costing $0.014 per gallon less than a week ago and $0.368 per gallon less than a year ago.

The West Coast less California region experienced the greatest weekly increase, with diesel costing $0.015 per gallon more than a week ago but $0.241 per gallon less than a year ago.

The New England region was the only region to see no change in diesel costs over last week. Year-over-year prices, however, declined, with diesel in the New England region costing $0.211 per gallon less than a year ago.

The average price for diesel in the U.S. this week is the same as than a week ago and $0.230 per gallon lower than a year ago.

Year-over-year costs decreased in every region.

All prices reflect on-highway diesel fuel costs.

10/21/13 Change From One Week Ago Change From One Year Ago
U.S. $3.886  0.000 -0.230
East Coast $3.905 -0.001 -0.203
  New England $4.032  0.000 -0.211
  Central Atlantic $3.961 -0.002 -0.242
  Lower Atlantic $3.840 +0.003 -0.171
Midwest $3.853 -0.001 -0.248
Gulf Coast $3.800 +0.003 -0.199
Rocky Mountain $3.875 -0.014 -0.368
West Coast $4.049 +0.002 -0.249
  West Coast less California $3.954 +0.015 -0.241
  California $4.129 -0.010 -0.256

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (dollars per gallon, prices include all taxes).

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