HMI08CE Thor Retrofit Touch Screen


October 5, 2009

ThorStack2_200x150-(2)MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – October 1, 2009 – Thor Global has designed a new retrofit touch screen panel that can be seamlessly implemented within any existing ThorStack2™ telescopic portable radial stacker using the same feel and methodology as the old touch screens.

Updates include:

  • HMI08CE Cutler Hammer touch screen interface.
  • TFT (thin-film transistor) technology for a brighter screen that can be viewed from all angles.
  • White background for improved glare resistance and visibility.
  • Push and hold delays for improved accuracy.
  • ‘Function’ push button control for quick access to alternate screens.
  • Larger numeric keypad for accurate inputs.
  • New graphics for visual appeal.

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