Kobelco Mid-Size Excavators

Aggregates Manager Staff

June 9, 2008

Kobelco mid-size excavators increase your productivity with responsive power, precise handling, and fast cycle times. Kobelco efficiency starts with the ingenious Electronic Active Control (E.A.C.) system — a system that automatically adjusts the engine and hydraulic pumps based on your commands.

  • Smooth, automatic engine and hydraulic response
  • Work in close quarters without worry with short radius and center boom swing configurations
  • Improved operator confidence with the 70SR”s zero tail swing design allows the operator to concentrate on moving materials
  • Comfortable, roomy cab with low noise and vibration and automatic climate control system

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W/BUCKET lbs (kg)

(SAE net@Rated RPM)

ft-in (m)

16,400 (7,450) 54 @ 2,100 14″9″ (4.52)

17,600 (7,980) 54 @ 2,100 14″4″ (4.38)


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