Major Wire Industries: Double-Weave woven wire

| Published on November 14, 2011

Double-Weave woven wire from Montreal-based Major Wire Industries Limited is constructed of two, side-by-side, lighter-gauge wires to outperform heavy-gauge, single-strand woven wire and perforated punch plate in high-impact applications.

Impact from large aggregate material can cause screen breakage with even the heaviest single wire gauges. Woven with two smaller-diameter wires, Double-Weave screen media has lower wear points than larger, single-strand wire; one wire helps preserve the life of the other as it wears.

The combined tensile strength of the two finer-gauge wires withstands up to four times greater impact providing up to 40 percent greater wear life than that of one heavy-gauge wire, making Double-Weave ideal for scalping applications and top screen deMajor Wire Double-Weave_Appcks, according to Major Wire Industries Limited.

Double-Weave also weighs less and is more flexible than single heavy-gauge screen media, so it is easier and safer to install, according to the manufacturer. Compared to perforated punch plate, Double-Weave has far more open area, increases throughput up to 50 percent without costly screen deck alterations and costs up to 25 percent less.

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