Obama pushes $21 billion infrastructure improvement bill

| Published on April 3, 2013

Obama-infrastructure-speech-32913President Barack Obama has asked Congress to pass a $21 billion package to improve the United States’ infrastructure, our sister publication Better Roads reported.

The proposed publicly- and privately-funded plan, which will be included in Obama’s budget April 10, includes $10 billion for an infrastructure bank, $4 billion for an investment program and $7 billion for state and municipal bonds.

The $10 infrastructure bank included in the proposed package is intended to help fund major projects.

The plan also proposes a $4 investment program to help support the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA). TIFA is a program intended to leverage private and nonfederal funding for projects of regional or national significance through loans, loan guarantees and lines of credit.

Also included in the investment program is a set of $7 billion in tax incentives. These tax incentives will support state and municipal bonds for projects, which includes a measure to remove penalties on foreign investment in United States real estate and infrastructure projects.

Visit Better Roads for the full story.

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