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Supply Lines: Work Horses

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Cat 980K [1]

Cat 980K

Load-sensing hydraulics
The Cat 980K Wheel Loader features load-sensing hydraulics and the advanced Cat C13 ACERT engine with 369 horsepower for superior fuel efficiency and high productivity. Compared to the H Series model, the 980K has 25-percent greater lift force and 16-percent more tilt force for improved bucket loading. The new Cat Performance Series Buckets add further to increased productivity. To boost productivity in load-and-carry applications and on ramps, the 980K can be equipped with a new optional lock-up clutch torque converter. Electro-hydraulic steering control is available with a joystick or a steering wheel.
Caterpillar | www.cat.com [2]

Komatsu WA470 [3]

Komatsu WA470

Fuel efficient loading
Komatsu America’s WA470-7 wheel loader [4] is powered by a Tier 4i SAA6D125E-6 engine. With 272 net horsepower, and weighing 52,007 pounds, the WA470-7 features improved efficiency, 8-percent lower fuel consumption, improved operator comfort and enhanced serviceability to maximize productivity while lowering operating costs. The WA470-7 features Komatsu Smart Loader Logic, which provides optimal engine torque during operation while also allowing for reduced fuel consumption. Equipped with the latest KOMTRAX technology, the WA470-7 also comes with Komatsu CARE complimentary scheduled maintenance.
Komatsu America Corp. | www.komatsu.com [5]

Volvo L250G [6]

Volvo L250G

Purpose-built machine
The Volvo L250G wheel loader [7] fills the needs of the market for a machine in the 39-ton weight category and is designed to match the needs of on-highway trucks. The L250G is purpose-built to be a heavy-duty machine with plenty of power and features larger bucket sizes. In North America specifically, when loading tri-axle on-highway trucks, a 9-cubic-yard re-handling bucket quickly fills the truck in only two passes—two full buckets for one full truck. Add in strength and durability and the result is more loads in less time, meaning better onsite productivity.
Volvo Construction Equipment | www.volvoce.com [8]

John Deer 644K [9]

John Deer 644K

Hybrid power
John Deere’s 644K hybrid wheel loader [10] uses diesel and electric power and captures regenerated energy as it is created to use in powering the machine. It features a 229-horsepower John Deere PowerTech 68-liter Tier 4i engine that runs at an operator-selected constant speed ranging from 900 to 1,800 rpm. The engine’s constant operating speed maintains continuous hydraulic flow at all times to deliver crisp hydraulic responsiveness and reduce cycle times. A PowerShift, countershaft-style transmission maintains smooth shifting. The unit has four operating speed ranges, but no reverse gear or clutches, as directions are performed by the electric motor.
Deere & Co. | www.johndeere.com [11]

Kawasaki 957Z [12]

Kawasaki 957Z

Completely redesigned
The 957Z wheel loader, from Kawasaki, is redesigned to meet EPA Tier 4i emission standards with a 16-liter Isuzu 6WG1 diesel engine. The 388-horsepower machine is equipped with a 7.3-cubic-yard bucket. Its new hood design improves rear visibility and serviceability. The planetary automatic-shift transmission has automotive-style smooth shifting from pulse width modulation in the control valve and features a Lock-up Torque Converter to improve fuel economy and performance. Its IntelliTech System uses inputs from the machine to adjust performance to match operating conditions. The 75,790-pound unit features a breakout force of 53,730 pounds.
Kawaskai | www.kcm-america.com [13]

Case 1121F [14]

Case 1121F

Fuel-saving technology
Case’s 1021F and 1121F loaders [15] are engineered specifically for quarry, aggregate and truck-loading applications. The units feature efficient, Tier 4i engines—a 296-horsepower engine on the 1021F and a 320-horsepower engine on the 1121F. An idle-management feature maximizes fuel economy. The units use a hydro-mechanical transmission with the hydrostatic pumps and motors working in lower speeds for quick response and efficiency. At higher speeds, power transmission is mixed with mechanical gears, and, at the highest speeds, the mechanical portion of the transmission does most of the work in direct-drive mode.
Case Construction Equipment | www.casece.com [16]

Smooth gear changes

Liugong CLG888III [17]

Liugong CLG888III

Powered by a Cummins QSM11-C335 engine, Liugong’s CLG888III wheel loader is designed to deliver low fuel consumption without sacrificing power. Its ZF auto transmission with kick down allows for energy savings, while its powershift feature allows for smooth gear changes. The unit meets Tier 3 emission requirements, boasts 350 net horsepower and has an operating weight of 66,139 pounds. The unit’s standard bucket is 6.9 cubic yards, while the standard breakout force is 58,4500 pounds. The cab is designed for 360-degree clear visibility and has an optional ride control for safer, smoother and faster operation in rough terrain.
Liugong North America | www.liugong.com [18]

Hyundai HL770-9A [19]

Hyundai HL770-9A

More horsepower
Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas’ HL770-9A and HL780-9A wheel loaders [20] are part of its 9A product line designed to meet Tier 4i standards. Suitable for aggregate, quarry and truck-loading applications, the units feature more horsepower, improved durability and serviceability, as well as enhanced operator comforts. Powered by the electronically controlled, fuel efficient, Cummins Tier 4i engines, the HL770-9A has a 297-horsepower, QSL9 engine, while the more powerful HL780-9A features a 351-horsepower, QSX11.9 engine. Both loaders have three engine modes: power mode for heavy-duty work, standard mode for general work and economy mode for light-duty work.
Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc. | www.hceamericas.com [21]

Terex TL310 [22]

Terex TL310

Cost-effective loading
Terex’s TL310 wheel loader is said to be cost effective in all applications through its hydrostatic drive and unique Terex SP kinematics as loading technology. Its 203-horsepower, transversely installed 6-cylinder Cummins diesel engine delivers stability and lifting power, providing for high transfer performance. To reduce operator fatigue, the driver can change from the usual steering mode to the versa-steer mode. An exclusive cooling system with reversing blower ensures that the wheel loader stays cool.
Terex Construction | www.terex.com [23]

Liebherr Tier 4i L 566 [24]

Liebherr Tier 4i L 566

Power efficiency system
Liebherr’s Tier 4i L 566 wheel loader [25] is said to use up to 25-percent less fuel than comparable machines under the same operating conditions. Up to 8 percent of this efficiency is attributed to the Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system which reduces both fuel consumption and component wear, with the engine management under proactive control and with all the engine map characteristics taken into account. LPE recognizes the performance profile of the operator and puts it into action with the maximum performance output in the most efficient way possible. The 51,035-pound unit has a 255-horsepower engine and is available with bucket capacities ranging from 4.6 to 15.7 cubic yards.
Liebherr | www.liebherrus.com [26]

Doosan DL 450-3 [27]

Doosan DL 450-3

Large breakout force
With a 354-horsepower engine and breakout force of 52,864 pounds, the Doosan DL 450-3 is built to handle big loads. Said to be suitable for sand and gravel, mining and quarrying applications, the wheel loader’s hydraulic system shortens cycle times while the limited slip differentials help the operator navigate soft and muddy conditions. A standard Z-bar lift arm design minimizes spillage, and the bucket size is 6.3 cubic yards. Designed for heavy loads, the lifting geometry has fewer moving parts.
Doosan | www.doosanequipment.com [28]

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