gravel truck

Close Call Alert: Gravel truck came into contact with power lines, best practices offered
Gravel truck rolls over, loses load on SH 74 in Oklahoma, closing road for hours
Fatal accident caused when gravel truck loses part of its load on Alabama highway
Gravel truck driver suffers serious injuries when his truck overturns
Driver of truck that spilled gravel on interstate ramp causing accidents found and charged
Gravel spill causes accidents and injury, truck driver does not stop
Ontario police search for driver of dump truck that lost gravel on two-lane highway
Gravel truck topples down embankment, falls on tractor trailer traveling on I-40
Gravel truck tips over, spills load on I-25 near Fort Collins
Gravel truck rolls over at Worcester Sand and Gravel in Massachusetts
Montana truck driver suffers minor injuries when his gravel truck tips over
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