MSHA's MNM administrator announces retirement; coal administrator will interim
MSHA will review third quarter mining deaths, near misses during Quarterly Training Call
Seasonal Safety Alert issued for October, deadliest month at MNM operations
MSHA issues Seat Belt Safety Alert for mobile equipment operators
MSHA announces results of special impact inspections in May 2016
MSHA issues "Cell Phones and Mobile Equipment Don't Mix" safety alert
MSHA issues fatalgram, best practices, after two miners die in accident at Green Brothers Gravel Co. operation
MSHA issues Close Call Alert after dozer hits buried gas line, offers Best Practices
MSHA issues serious accident alert regarding mobile equipment, offers Best Practices
MSHA issues close call alert after dump truck rollover at crushed stone operation, offers Best Practices
MSHA issues serious accident alert after driver is injured when truck rolls through berm, offers Best Practices
Reminder and additional information about MSHA's stakeholder meeting May 12