The American Pneumatic Backfill Tamper Tool

Aggregates Manager Staff

February 18, 2008

The Model 131 Backfill Tamper is used for soil compaction, temporary filling of holes, asphalt packing, etc. Applications range from foundation and pavement repair to the installation of power or telephone poles. APT offers an optional half-moon shaped pole tamping accessory for compaction around a pole as well as a 3″ diameter butt for confined space compaction.


  • Built-in large automatic oiler
  • flapper valve design allows dirt to pass without stopping the tool
  • internally reinforced 5-3/4″ malleable iron butt (standard)
  • pole (half-moon), and 3″ diameter butts available

Backfill Tamper

Model Part
Bore Stroke B.P.M. CFM
@ 90 psi
inlet press.
Air Inlet
131 5214 1-1/2 5-1/2 670 38-42 37 51-7/8 1/2 female

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