Kruse Controls’ Plant-Info

Kerry Clines

May 26, 2011

Kruse Plant-Info collects, stores and reports Aggregate/Sand Plant data:

  •  Production Time

  • Down Time  
  • Operator Hours  
  • Pumb RPMs
  • Motor Currents


  • Temperatures 
  • Faults  
  • Inventory

Kruse Plant-Info uses an Industrial computer and interface modules to log the data from the included transmitters. The data is stored in customized tables to allow future queries on production, downtime, hours of operation, etc.; all based on individual operators.

Through the use of optional Wireless Ethernet Connectivity, these reports can be viewed with any web browser, such as Internet Explorer, from the comfort of your office. Additionally, automatic daily reports are developed to display historical activity and trends of required data. These reports can be automatically e-mailed to supervisors and managers through the use of the Wireless Ethernetoption.

All reports are secure and proper log-ins with password protection are required to view the data.Original data cannot be tampered with by anyone. All data is available in a user friendly format aswell as selectable time trends.


  •  Motor Current Transmitters
  • Production Meters
  • Belt scales
  • Integration to existing equipment
  • Level probes
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Industrial Flat Screen Computer with Windows XP Pro including data logging database and custom tables for data storage
  • Fully configured automatic and selectable reports through web browser
  • Wireless Ethernet Connectivity for several miles
  • Onsite setup and training

Reports and Data Collection are becoming increasingly essential to competing businesses. Reporting can help you decide on capital investments, production goals, incentive programs and equipment upgrand proposals. Reporting is useful for permits as well as preventive maintenance.

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