15 quarry trespassers arrested in Pennsylvania

Brian Ethridge

August 19, 2014

no-traspasarSeveral people have been arrested for trespassing at a Bangor, Pennsylvania, quarry.  Local police hope the arrests make it clear that there is absolutely ZERO tolerance for swimmers on the private party.

Of the 15 trespassers arrested, 11 were adults and four were juveniles.

Court records identified eight of the 15 as Victoria Natalia Havryliuk, 19, of Jersey City; Danny Arcilg, 18, and Clelin Reyes, 19, both of Cliffside; Matthew Hernandez, 19, of Fort Lee; Baily K. Cloonon, 18, and Nicole M. Smit, 18, both of Fairview, all in New Jersey; and Jessica Rodger, 16, of Hatboro, and Jarret Compton, 17, of Horsham, both in Pennsylvania, Timothy Dutkrewicz, 18, and Cole Alexander Hevener, 18 of Horsham, Pennsylvania; Rachel D. Coulton, 18 of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania; Edward Justin Levicoff, 18 of Dreshor, Pennsylvania; Bradley Clouse, 16 of Orefield in Lehigh County; Edra Makbull, 20 of Cliffside, New Jersey, and Alexa McGinley, 23 of West New York, New Jersey.

The identities of the other seven trespassers have not been released.

All 15 of the trespassers were fined $333.

Police have been trying to crack down on people trespassing to swim at quarries because they are flat out dangerous. We have seen one too many drowning deaths thus far this summer. Unfortunately, trespassing has always been a problem at quarries.

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