18,481 DOT jobs would be furloughed if government shuts down

September 30, 2013

8395638677_18aa761159_bThe U.S. Department of Transportation would remain operational if the federal government shuts down tomorrow, but 18,481 of the agency’s 55,468 positions would be furloughed, our sister site, Better Roads, reports.

DOT employees that would continue with their jobs during a government shutdown are the 25,458 “life/safety” positions, 8,417 positions receive non-appropriated funding and 3,112 “support” positions that are necessary for other functions to operate.

A DOT spokesperson said in a written statement on Friday:

“The Department of Transportation continues to support President Obama’s proposed FY2014 budget, and we strongly believe that there is still time for Congress to avert a government shutdown. That said, good management requires us to prepare for a potential lapse in funds, which is why we have updated our contingency plans. As always, safety is our top priority and our plans reflect that commitment, keeping all safety-critical employees on-the-job, but there is no question that a shutdown will hurt our ability to move forward with much-needed transportation projects and in turn, will hurt the millions of Americans that count on them to get where they need to go faster and more efficiently.”

For a complete breakdown of furloughs per administration within the DOT, read the full report at BetterRoads.com.

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