5 Tips for Material Handling Safety

January 22, 2014


Material handling accidents are one of the most common reasons for injury at aggregates operations.

According to the Safety Watch section of the August 2013 print issue of Aggregates Manager, 38 percent of all injuries reported at sand, stone and gravel operations in 2012 were the result of a material handling accident.

Follow these best practices to avoid accidents and injuries during material handling:

  1. Use proper material handling procedures to handle, store or move (manually or mechanically) items and prevent strains, fractures and hernias.

  2. Always wear personal protective equipment, such as work gloves, safety boots, safety glasses or goggles or metatarsal guards

  3. Seek help and/or attach handles or holds to loads for lifting

  4. Know the limit on mechanical lifting equipment. Load capacity should be displayed on all lifting equipment.

  5. Avoid back injuries by implementing ergonomics such as reducing the size and weight of lifted objects, using a lifting aid changing the height of lifted objects or using a shelf.

Safety Watch information was provided by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

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