7 Tips for Safety

Therese Dunphy

October 30, 2013


Earlier this year, the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) presented several tips for targeting injury reduction at stone, sand and gravel facilities.

Those tips include:

  1. “Wingman,” which uses the concept of employees looking out for one another and is reinforced with imagery from the movie, “Top Gun.”

  2. “Leadership weekends,” which afford the chance for delivering safety training to frontline leaders typically responsible for production-related tasks when most training is offered.

  3. “Safety Blitz,” which consists of visits by eight random workers from peer facilities to evaluate conditions as if they were MSHA inspectors.

  4. “District Safety Steering Teams,” a new collection of safety discussions ushering together hourly employees for reviewing the process by which safety committees develop and communicate their work.

  5. “Saved My Bacon,” a recognition program capitalizing on the notion that coworkers often assist peers in adhering to standards and avoiding injuries; this is supposed to foster added reflection on ways in which improvements can be conceived of, as well as implemented.

  6. “That Was Easy,” a recognition program allowing more reticent workers to see either instances of discernment of hazards or failure to have detected such hazards with resultant insights on avoiding that failing in the future.

  7. “Visual Safety Event,” which took a night-time look at safety and health hazards, spawned useful insights about ways in which lack of visibility can threaten workers and considered new approaches (e.g., strobe lights, better clothing, improved safety boards, etc.) for addressing those concerns.

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