A&D Equipment new dealer for MB America

Tina Grady Barbaccia

April 19, 2012

New Haven, Ct.-based A&D Equipment Dealer, a division of LaFata & Son, is now a dealer for MB America.

MB, which opened U.S. offices in Reno in 2010 when it began introducing equipment to North America, produces a line of jaw-crushing attachments for excavators.

LaFata will be offering MB America’s BF60, BF70, BF90 and BF120 models.

Excavating was added to the company’s capabilities in 1976 by the late LaFata demonstrationSalvatore LaFata.

Anthony LaFata, Salvatore LaFata’s son, developed the A&D Equipment division for the company. The younger LaFata says the company is now partnering with MB because the equipment has worked well for LaFata. He also says that the BF70 has enhanced job site efficiency for this company.

The fuel costs savings of the equipment has positively served the company and has helped it compete in the industry, notes Anthony LaFata.

“With the price of fuel and the cost of dumping it is harder to be competitive,” Anthony LaFata says in a press release from MB America. “The BF70 gives me back that edge.”





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