Aerodyne’s Rhino H Rotary Valve Handles Abrasive Materials and Can Be Custom Made to Any Size


June 30, 2009

rotaryhvalveolCLEVELAND, Ohio — June 24, 2009Aerodyne announced the Rhino H Rotary Valve, used for metering dry granular materials in manufacturing processes.  The new rotary airlock valve provides a smooth, predictable flow of material without the problems that plague other valves not designed for abrasive materials or not able to be customized.


Intended for highly abrasive materials, the Rhino H Valve is highly rugged and dependable, minimizing the need for maintenance and replacement. Rotor vanes have hardened tips, and tight tolerances between shroud and rotor vanes minimize material entry that can cause wear.  Moreover, an optional abrasion-resistant coating is available.


Typical applications include processes that handle high-abrasion materials, including cement, sugar, grains, plastic resins, and lime. It may also be used beneath dust collectors and cyclone separators.


Plant maintenance managers and engineering companies can avoid expensive retrofits by ordering Rhino H Valves in custom sizes. Unlike most rotary valves which are made from castings and cannot be customized, Aerodyne’s Rhino H Valves are fabricated to fit almost any size system.


The valve is available with four, six, or eight vanes which are always sealing, preserving the negative or positive pressure under which rotary airlocks typically operate. Standard valve sizes are 8, 10, 12, and 15-inches, offering capacity ranging from 0.19 to 1.76 cu. ft. /revolution. The body is welded carbon or stainless steel, and its outboard bearings are easily serviced and regreasable.


An optional high temperature model is available, equipped with specially packaged bearings that are insulated from the valve body.


For more information about the Rhino H Valve, and for information about Aerodyne’s full line of valves for dry process materials, call (440) 543-7400 or (800) 236-1506, or e-mail: See the full-line of Aerodyne products and services at


About Aerodyne: Aerodyne has been specializing in solving dry material handling problems for more than 60 years through such products as large dust collection systems and low-cost, low-maintenance material-handling valves. Like its parent-owner, Abanaki Corporation, Aerodyne operates under the corporate motto “Clean Our World,”TM addressing material-handling challenges through innovation, customer commitment and environmental stewardship.

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