AGG1 Updates

Kerry Clines

February 15, 2013

AGG1 is coming soon! Our March issue will include in-depth coverage to help you navigate your way around the show floor. During the four weeks leading up to the show, we will feature AGG1 Updates in our e-newsletters to highlight some of the educational sessions and products that will be available at the show. Make plans to be there.


Featured Session from Plant Operations & Production Track

T56 — Maximizing Plant Productivity by Benchmarking & Evaluating Performance: George Fox, Luck Stone Corp.; Dan Humpal, Martin Marietta Materials; and Phillip Gosnell, Rogers Group Inc.; moderated by Bob Bartok, Paschal Associate Sales.

The presentation will demonstrate how to establish plant performance benchmarks, then evaluate and improve overall productivity. Real-life plants will be reviewed showing before and after operating results. Elements include benchmarking new and existing plants, reviewing performance through field samples, evaluating process equipment performance, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and maximizing plant productivity and profitability.


Featured Product: Endecotts, Booth 2713 

Endecotts will display several of its sieves and shakers.

U.S. Standards Test Sieves are constructed of stainless steel and are available in 8-inch-diameter full and half height; and 12-inch-diameter full, half, and intermediate height. 

D450 Sieve Shaker has been specially designed to operate with heavy samples without the loss of performance, according to the company. It is equipped with a dynamic power source that ensures the right vibration is imparted to the sieves and sample for fast, accurate, and reproducible tests. The vertical movement is variable to ensure the sample spends maximum time seeking apertures rather than being suspended in mid-air. The unique vibratory action helps keep the apertures clear and free from blinding.

Octagon D200 Sieve Shaker is said to be robust, compact, and sufficiently lightweight to be portable. A digital display makes the setting functions easy to operate.

Minor M200 Sieve Shaker is small, quiet, and portable, with a footprint of only 10 inches and a weight of less than 50 pounds, according to the company. It produces a circular and vertical sieving action without making any noise, which was accomplished by incorporating electro-magnetic technology.

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