AggMan of the Year

The AggMan of the Year is the aggregate industry’s top personal honor. Each December an industry leaders who have had a profound and lasting impact on the industry is recognized. Previous recipients include members of large and small companies, production and management, crushed stone, and sand and gravel producers. The common thread among each is their ability to develop innovative solutions to tough issues facing the market.

Know someone who has made a significant contribution to the aggregates industry on both a local and national basis? Consider nominating them as a future AggMan of the Year recipient. Please fill out the AggMan of the Year nomination form.

Past AggMan of the Year Winners:
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2017 AggMan of the Year: Josh Leftwich, Darryn Lindsey, James Tre’ Oquin, and Rob Van Til

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, these aggregates producers went above and beyond for their community.

2016 AggMan of the Year: Tom Hill

Tom Hill shows lightning can strike twice as he builds Summit Materials into a big player in the U.S. aggregates market.

2015 AggMan of the Year: Kelly Bailey

Kelly Bailey leverages science and data to influence how the industry – and regulators – approach worker health issues.

2014 AggMan of the Year: Rick Feltes

As a driving force behind AGG1 Rick Feltes puts industrial educational goals on the fast track.

2013 AggMan of the Year: Rod Martin

Rod Martin shows that family business leaders can have a big impact on state and national issues.

2012 AggMan of the Year: Charles S. Luck, IV

Charlie Luck models how one person can ignite the potential of others, boost financial performance, and positively impact lives.

2011 AggMan of the Year: Paul Mellott, Jr.

Paul Mellott, Jr. leverages his passion and persuasion to create value for his employees, customers, community, and the aggregate industry.

2010 AggMan of the Year: Louis Griesemer

Springfield Underground’s Louis Griesemer quietly and effectively leads his company and the aggregates industry through myriad challenges.

2009 AggMan of the Year: Cheryl Ann Suzio

A strong sense of family and a keen ability to facilitate groups have propelled Cheryl Ann Suzio to success in state and national leadership roles.

2008 AggMan of the Year: David W. Carroll

Carroll gets results by building coalitions, aligning goals, and creating win-win situations for groups accustomed to working against rather than with one another.

2007 AggMan of the Year: Joy Wilson

For more than a decade, Wilson has helped to steer the strategic vision of the aggregates industry.

2006 AggMan of the Year: Ward Nye

From safety environmental, and operational issues to acquisitions and asset swaps, Nye knows aggregates inside and out.

2005 AggMan of the Year: Steve Hatfield

Steve Hatfield – also known as the Sandman Pilot – demonstrates his aptitude for aggregates and industry involvement.

2004 AggMan of the Year: Ed Elliott

The drive to make it unacceptable to accept injury in the workplace as just part of doing business has let our 2004 AggMan of the Year to reduce his company’s injury level by two-thirds.

2003 AggMan of the Year: Frank Chaney

As one of the industry’s strongest advocates for education, Chaney paves the way for a strong future.

2002 AggMan of the Year: Drew Meyer

After more than three decades in the industry, Meyer has a steady hand at the helm of numerous aggregates groups.

2001 AggMan of the Year: Bill Sandbrook

Exemplifying professionalism and patriotism, Sandbrook demonstrates the impact one man can have on an industry.

2000 AggMan of the Year: Bruce Mason

Under the leadership of Executive Director Bruce Mason, the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association developed a reputation as one of the aggregates industry’s leading state associations.

1999 AggMan of the Year: Val Tepordei

After defecting from life behind the Iron Curtain, Tepordei makes a mark on the U.S. aggregates industry as one of its foremost experts in crushed stone statistics.