Alabama residents review status of Gurley Mountain quarry complex

March 25, 2013


Hampton Cove, McMullen Cove and Gurley residents held a town hall public meeting Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at Madison County Elementary School to review the status of the Gurley Mountain quarry complex, reported.

Vulcan Materials began mining limestone rock on the west side of Gurley Mountain, located outside of Gurley town limits, in mid-February after the company received permits from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

The public, government officials and Vulcan Materials were invited to speak at the meeting, which addressed concerns such as:

  • Impact on air quality
  • Impact on Hurricane Creek and Flint River
  • Respiratory issues at the elementary schools
  • Noise and seismic impacts
  • Floodway effects for Hampton Cove
  • Floodway effects for McMullen Cove
  • Highway safety concerns (due to more truck traffic)
  • Potential damage to nearby structures
  • Current and proposed legislation

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