All Dried Up


March 1, 2013

At least, that’s what your aggregate material will be after this assortment of dewatering equipment is finished with it.


By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor



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replaces-enhancesUntitled-1Replaces/enhances sand screws

AZFAB says its dewatering screens, designed to replace or enhance sand screws, use 1-foot by 1-foot urethane modules to produce an average moisture content of only 12 to 14 percent, depending on particle and tonnage size. In some cases, moisture content is as low as 7 percent. The 5-foot screen is capable of processing up to 150 tons per hour; the 7-foot screen is rated at 300 tons per hour. Custom sizes are available.





high-openUntitled-1High-open-area screen

Derrick says its W-series dewatering screen uses a unique, high-open-area urethane screen surface coupled with the high G force of the vibrator to provide high-tonnage-rate dewatering, reaching 95-percent solids by weight for primary sand products. The screen features low horsepower and low footprint requirements.

Derrick Corp. |



single-and-doubleUntitled-1Single and double screws

EIW, LLC, formerly known as Eagle Iron Works, offers single- and double-screw units for washing, dewatering, and classification. Material is conveyed up an inclined tub with a close-clearance curved plate on one side of the conveyor shaft and a drainage trough on the other. This allows water to drain from the product as the spiraled shaft augers material up the inclined curved plate.




screw_screenUntitled-1Screw/screen combo

The GreyStone Aggre-Dry is a combination fine material washing screw and dewatering screen in a single unit. The company says its compact design creates two benefits: 1) water is recirculated back into the water retention system, reducing water going to the stockpile by 50 percent; and 2) fines that get through the screen media are recycled back into the screw.

GreyStone Inc. |



high-g-forceUntitled-1High G-force action

KPI-JCI says its Kolberg 9000 Series dewatering screen is capable of reducing moisture content of washed sand down to as low as 8 to 15 percent. It is available in multiple sizes ranging from 2 feet by 7 feet up to 8 feet by 16 feet. The screen’s 1/4-inch stroke operates at 1,200 rpm, providing high G-force action. It is equipped with urethane media; has an adjustable incline from 0 to 5 degrees; and can be packaged in portable, semi-portable, and stationary systems.




high-capacithy-produtionUntitled-1High-capacity production

McLanahan says its dewatering screen has one of the highest capacities in the industry, processing up to 400 short tons per hour on a single machine. It features heavy side plates and stress-relieved bridges and cross beams. The company says its rugged, easily maintained design is the key to long-term performance and flexibility.

McLanahan Corp. |



reduced-screener-footprintUntitled-1Reduced screener footprint

Midwestern Industries says its high-frequency MEV dewatering screen has a flat, parallel-arched screening surface paired with a unique liquid feeder, allowing for more tonnage with a reduced screener footprint. End-tensioned screens enable quick screen changes. The screen is constructed of carbon or stainless steel and is available with one to five screening decks.

Midwestern Industries, Inc. |



eliminates-slurryUntitled-1Eliminates slurry ponds

Phoenix says its belt filter press has been successfully used to dewater aggregate fines and eliminate slurry ponds for decades. Combined with a Phoenix HiFlo Thickener, the dewatering system is said to produce high-quality reusable water and dewatered aggregate fines suitable for disposal or reuse.

Phoenix Process Equipment Co. |



outerbalanceUntitled-1Outer-balance vibrating motors

Terex Washing Systems says its high-frequency dewatering screens with polyurethane decks have a robust, stress-relieved frame and are fitted with high-efficiency outer-balance vibrating motors. The screens have a catchbox and chute combined on a single frame and are said to take feeds of 50 percent moisture down to an easily stockpiled and saleable 10- to 15-percent moisture level. They are available in a range of sizes from 6 feet by 2 feet up to 14 feet by 6 feet.

Terex Washing Systems |



form-solid-cakeUntitled-1Forms solid cakes

Tons Per Hour, the North American dealer for Jingjin Filter Press Co., says its filter presses can turn waste fines slurry into solid, manageable cakes and provide clear filtrate water for reuse in wash plants, thereby eliminating the need for slurry ponds. The filter presses are available in both chamber and membrane design. Overhead- and side-beam designs are available.

Tons Per Hour, Inc. |


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