All Dried Up

Therese Dunphy

November 3, 2009

From keeping the pit floor dry to recycling water, good quality pumps are essential for every aggregates operation.

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


New generation submersible pump

Grindex Pumps says its new generation submersible heavy-duty drainage/sludge pumps are ideal for mining and other industries. Features include “smart” motor protection to prevent pumps from single phasing, overheating, and backward rotation; an air valve that allows pumps to run completely dry without damage; and size ranges from 1.9 to 140 horsepower to deliver between 155 and 5,000 gallons per minute.


Elastomer lining controls wear

ITT Goulds Pumps says its Model SRL pump is designed for long service life with a wide variety of extra-thick natural and synthetic elastomer liners. Features include large-diameter shafts for lower deflection; hard Ni-Cr coated XH-800 alloy sleeves for shaft protection; severe-duty oil-lubricated bearings and housings to dissipate and lower bearing temperatures for maximum wear; and suction wear plates to protect casing wear areas. The SRL can pump up to 20,000 gallons per minute and attain heads to 164 feet at temperatures up to 250 degrees F.


Eliminates suction lift limitations

Thompson Pump says its hydraulic submersible pump can handle a range of solids up to 4.25 inches, flows to 7,200 gallons per minute, and heads up to 240 feet. The pump was designed to eliminate suction lift limitations that occur when excavations exceed 25 feet in depth and can run dry without damaging components. The units are made from heavy-duty cast iron and steel and are available with auto-start/stop and variable speed controls.

SL4-GIWGIW Industries

Wear-resistant, interchangeable

GIW Industries, Inc. claims its LCC-R slurry pump is the only slurry pump with a Linatex rubber-lined impeller. The design includes a patented impeller vane design and solid/fluid flow technology. The company says the thickened shrouds and vanes provide maximum wear resistance in heavier slurries. The new rubber-lined impellers are interchangeable with existing metal impellers used in earlier LCC-R pumps.

SL5-GormanRuppGorman Rupp

More power, less noise

Gorman-Rupp Co. says its Ultra V Series self-priming engine-driven pumps are built with advanced design and maintenance features and offer excellent solids-handling capabilities along with higher heads and increased flows. The pumps can handle a maximum capacity of 1,825 gallons per minute and maximum head of 170 feet. The company says the noise level has been reduced compared to other pumps.




Handles high-pressure water supplies

Godwin Pumps says its extreme-high-head Dri-Prime pumps with maximum flows to 2,000 gallons per minute, heads to 615 feet, and solids handling to 1-3/8 inches are ideal for high-pressure water supply for sand and aggregate washing and mine dewatering. The pumps offer working pressures to 285 pounds per square inch and suction pressures to 90 pounds per square inch.


Solids-handling submersible pump

Piranha Pumps says its solids-handling submersible pump line is comprised of 19 pump models ranging from 1 to 30 horsepower. Features include single- and three-phase heavy-duty motors; thermal overload sensors; integral motor contactor; a recessed, heat-treated, stainless-steel impeller; stainless-steel and hardened cast-iron volute; high-temperature class F motor insulation; and silicon-carbide mechanical seals.

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