Almo Process Technology: Mogensen sizer product developments


February 7, 2012

The Mogensen sizer concept was developed in 1947 by Fredrik Mogensen, Ph.D., Engineering. The machine concept is based on the principle that different sized particles have different probabilities through a screen.

With sloped screen decks, the capacity of a specific area is achieved and particles have freedom of movement. Mogensen has recently improved several features of its sizer.

Recently optimized product features of the sizer include the output ports, the vibration absorption system, the screen tensioning system and redesigned dust covers. The output ports have been redesigned for material flow optimization. The output ports also feature larger inspection ports and fixed fastenings.  The vibration system provides increased capacity through prevention of plugged mesh openings.  The vibration system on the Mogensen sizer is designed to prevent vibration from being transmitted to the plant structure. The Mogensen screen tensioning system relies on a simplified concept to ensure correct tension to the screens.

In addition to improved screen tension accuracy, the simplified concept results in reduced maintenance time and an improved ability to withstand dust. The newly redesigned dust covers are ergonomic and easy to handle. Quick-acting locks eliminate assembly time.  The robust cover design is scratch resistant and withstands heat of 185°F. The redesigned dust covers are approved for food processing applications. The new features are state of the industry and allow for an optimized process solution.

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