January 10, 2008

Great for Long Reaches!  Amulet Manufacturing Company is offering their new, revolutionary StickGrip. This solidly built, simple weld-on attachment inexpensively maximizes an excavator™s grasping ability. By providing a positive grip profile on the machine™s lower dipper stick, debris, logs, boulders and scrap can more easily be maneuvered.


We (at Amulet) believe this simple, weld-on attachment is the answer for many equipment operators who need a low cost grip profile instead of a conventional, more expensive thumb attachment. says Mark Elliott, Amulet™s national sales manager.


Amulet Manufacturing Company is the premier manufacturer of heavy duty thumbs, tilt buckets, quick coupler, rakes and rippers. Selling quality products worldwide since 1984, Amulet sets the industry standard for attachment design and engineering.

For more information on any of the above products contact Amulet Manufacturing Company Mark or Kimberly at (800) 526-8538. Also check our website at

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