August 25, 2009


274-molySchaeffer’s extreme pressure grease, 274M E.P. Synthetic Plus, exceeds Caterpillar MPGM and Caterpillar’s 5% moly (molybdenum disulfide) specs.

St. Louis, MO (USA) August 24, 2009 – – Schaeffer’s 274M Moly E.P. Synthetic Plus Grease not only meets, but


exceeds Caterpillar MPGM and Caterpillar’s 5% moly specifications. This product is a multipurpose, extreme pressure, wide temperature range grease that contains 5% molybdenum disulfide that is specifically formulated for use in all types of heavy duty automotive, construction, mining, farming and industrial equipment and electric motor applications that are being used under

the most adverse conditions of excessive pressure, high shock loading, extreme hot and cold temperatures and moisture.


Schaeffer’s 274M Moly E.P. Synthetic Plus Grease is compounded from a unique blend of the finest select severely hydro treated polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and high viscosity index paraffin base oils available. Blended into these para-synthetic base fluids is an aluminum complex base thickener along with selected extreme pressure and rust oxidation additives. The result of this specialized blending process is a multi-purpose grease with a


wide temperature range of -20°F to 350°F

, excellent resistance to water washout, excellent shear and mechanical stability, excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure load carrying properties and excellent reversibility. This property allows 274M Moly E.P. Synthetic Plus Grease to have the ability to retain its grease-like consistency and remain in the bearings during periods of heat, high shock loading, extreme pressures and severe mechanical action. This product is available in 420 pound drums, 120 pound kegs, 40 pound pails and cases of 30 tubes.

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