Take a trip down “Antique Row” at Dolese’s Richards Spur Quarry

Kerry Clines

December 11, 2017

While visiting Dolese Bros.Richards Spur Quarry near Lawton, Okla., I was taken to the boneyard to check out a treasure trove of old mining equipment. According to Melvin Barks, operations manager at the quarry, Roger Dolese had a rigorous standard for storing anything and everything, including old equipment, which  had to be 2 feet off the ground. It paid off in keeping this equipment organized and in fairly good condition.

“Every quarry has a boneyard, but in our boneyard, we have one row I call “Antique Row” that has old equipment that was used here or at some of our other quarries,” Barks says. “Looking back at how mining has developed over the years from the turn of the century when we started here, they didn’t have the equipment we have today. You wonder how they did it. This row will tell you how.”

The boiler out of an old steam shovel.


Old Table Saw
An old table saw on wooden skids used before 1953 to replace beams on the old wooden mill building.


Machine to Sharpen Drill Bits
A machine from the old blacksmith shop used to sharpen drill bits.


Pneumatic Drills
Pneumatic drills.


Track Drill
Bucyrus Erie track drill. Three of these ran 24 hours a day at the quarry until Dolese bought a new drill that could drill in eight hours what it took all three of these to drill in 24 hours.


Water Well Drill
An 1890 Cyclone water well drill used to drill rock.


Pup That Pulls Rail Cars
A pup that was used to pull rail cars around the quarry.


Concrete Mixer
A portable, tow-behind Smith concrete mixer.


Drill Press
A drill press from the machine shop.


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