April 2009 – RollOuts


April 1, 2009

Excavator upgrade

Case Construction Equipment upgraded its largest excavator, the CX800B. Upgrades include increases in fuel efficiency and productivity, as well as improved operator comfort and ease of maintenance. It features an electronically controlled, common rail Tier 3-certified 15.7L Isuzu engine, which the company says delivers 532 net horsepower. The excavator is available in standard and mass excavation configurations.

Conveyor backstop clutches

Emerson Industrial Automation says its new high-speed conveyor backstop clutches allow users to reach previously unattainable line speeds in sizes ranging from 7,000 to 722,000 foot-pounds. The Morse CB-HS clutch line incorporates anti-rollover cams and dual ball-bearing support to create a smoother-running clutch and lower the overrunning drag torque and temperature, says the company. Features include 28-percent larger spacers for a stronger clutch, and an advanced taconite sealing system.

Grasan railcar unloading system

Grasan’s new bulk material unloading system for railroad hopper cars consists of a 140-foot stationary transfer conveyor with an under-car feed hopper and 125-foot radial stacking conveyor. The company custom engineers each system to meet the needs and requirements of the customer. Stationary truss and channel frame conveyors are available in 24- to 60-inch belt widths and 25- to 500-foot lengths; standard truss main frames are 36 inches deep; radial stacking conveyors are available in 24- to 48-inch widths and up to 125 feet in length.

Crawler excavator

The new DX350 crawler excavator from Doosan Infracore America will replace its current DX340. The company says it offers more horsepower, increased breakout force, and improved fuel efficiency. Other features include extended service intervals, easier routine maintenance, a six-way adjustable seat with lumbar support, a telescoping control stand, fully automatic heat and air conditioning, a dual-walled muffler to reduce noise levels, and a glass surface and transparent roof section for increased visibility.

Conveyor drive roller

Van der Graaf Inc. says the technology in its new patent-pending drive roller, Cross Drive, combines the efficiency, space savings, and safety benefits of internally powered conveyor drive rollers with conventional external drive design to allow for quicker and more economical conveyor moves or maintenance. The gear assembly is housed within the sealed conveyor drive roller and is connected directly to an external motor, eliminating the chain/sprocket or belt/pulley used in conventional systems and providing space savings, energy efficiency, safer operation, and installation flexibility.

Wear-protection systems

Abresist Corp., a Kalenborn Co., introduced two new wear-protection systems, which the company says are well suited for use in transfer chutes in belt conveyor systems and impact zones in bunkers and silos where high abrasion and impact occur in combination. Keraflex-KRM consists of Alresist high alumina ceramics with a tile thickness of 1/2 or 1 inch, depending on the severity of the impact. Keraflex-WRM consists of Kalmetall-W hard overlay welded plates, rubber, and steel. Keraflex-KR, with 1/8- to 1/2-inch-thick Alresist tile and a rubber backing only, provides a flexible lining that is glued in place.

GPS tracking program

Command Alkon’s Commandtrack uses existing GPS tracking technology to track aggregate, asphalt, and cement trucks at all times. The program provides flexible, user-friendly dashboard views that display real-time status information on each vehicle. It is designed to integrate with Command Alkon’s existing Apex 4 Order/Vehicle Dispatch program for scheduling deliveries.

Next generation carbide tips

Rockmore International designed a new carbide insert, the MultiPoint, for its button bits used for rock drilling. The insert provides multiple strike points to increase penetration rates. According to the company, rock-drilling trials showed that the new inserts provided smoother bit rotation and advancement, lasted up to 20-percent longer than the standard hemispherical design, and increased penetration rates by 10 percent.

Transportable classifier system

Buell says its new 75-ton-per-hour transportable classifier system uses a dry process to remove minus-200 mesh material to produce an in-spec manufactured sand product. The dry process allows fines to be sold as a second product. There are no moving parts, which reduces maintenance requirements. Ceramic liners in some areas provide wear resistance for abrasive materials. The company says the system requires no escort when transported and can be set up in one day.

Flow diverter valves

Bosch Rexroth’s new line of modular flow diverter valves provides flows up to 60 gallons per minute and pressures up to 5,000 pounds per square inch. Zinc-plated steel bodies and IP69-rated coils withstand severe operating conditions. The valves are available as three- or six-way single valves, with the option of creating up to 14-way flows using modular diverters. A push-button control on the handle of the directional valve lever allows precise control of the required cylinder.

CARB-approved diesel particulate filter

Paccar Parts dealers now offer the Engine Control Systems Purifilter, an aftermarket passively regenerating diesel particulate filter approved by the California Air Resources Board, for use in 1993 through 2006 Class 8 truck models. The filter is available in five different inlet/outlet configurations with either standard stamped flanges or optional machined flanges. Dimensions vary: the smallest filter weighs about 75 pounds, is 10 inches in diameter, and 38 inches long; the largest filter weighs about 125 pounds, is 13 inches in diameter, and 43 inches long.

Air-intake to exhaust aftertreatment

Cummins Inc. says its QSL9 engine platform, the next generation fully integrated air-intake-to-exhaust aftertreatment system with Tier 4 technology, reduces fuel consumption by up to 5 percent. The system also increases top-rated power to 380 horsepower with peak power rising to 400 horsepower at a lower rpm in response to very high work-load demands; and incorporates Cummins’ XPI (extra-high pressure injection) fuel system, which enables multiple injection events for cleaner combustion and improved engine response.


Detroit Diesel Corp. says its new Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL) interactive tool not only reads diagnostic data, but interprets it and automatically determines the next steps. A troubleshooting tree provides step-by-step diagnostics to help service technicians quickly and easily address issues.

ConocoPhillips Co. says its new Guardol ECT with Liquid Titanium, a premium tier API CJ-4 diesel engine oil formulated with liquid-titanium technology, provides enhanced engine wear protection, reduced bearing corrosion, and increased oxidation stability.

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