Arizona-based developer seeks sand-, gravel-mining permit for second time

August 16, 2013

John F. Long Properties, a developer in West Valley, Arizona, has requested a permit to mine sand and gravel on 100 acres near Glen Harbor Boulevard for 10 to 15 years, according to

The company wants to mine 50 feet deep, with all processing and machinery below ground level and with 10-foot berms.

The operation would fund Copperwing Business Park, a development the company planned to build on the same property, where it would occupy the remaining 200 acres. The company intends to begin constructing the park while mining takes place, and eventually using the 100-acre area as part of the park.

The permit request is not the first for the company. John F. Long Properties requested a mining permit in 2009, but the Glendale Planning Commission rejected it. City officials expressed concerns about excess dust, noise and a damaged aesthetic.

Jim Miller, John F. Long Properties real-estate director, said the company is more likely to obtain the permit now because the council has three new members and a new mayor. Additionally, the new mining plans include a lower mining level and taller berms.

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