Asset based capital requests increase


July 9, 2009

The tight credit market has meant that many aggregate and mining operations are finding it extremely difficult, if not impossible to obtain working capital, growth capital or lines of credit from their traditional banking sources.  There has been a significant increase in the number of operations seeking to unlock the equity in their equipment assets to raise the capital they need. Typically the money is used for working capital or to acquire equipment that will increase production, although we are also seeing a tendency to use capital to pay down short term debt. While the median disbursement falls in the $500k to $1M range, we see both the lower and higher end of the scale. A further advantage of utilizing owned equipment asset equity is that since the primary emphasis is on the equipment value, companies with credit and cash flow issues can also convert some assets into capital. Aggregate Investments specializes in the private capital market and private equity aggregate operations acquisition and investment. Robert Marshall of Aggregate Investments can be reached at 925-407-4779: Cell 925-788-4526

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