Atlas Copco’s New XAS 750 JD7 Tier 4a Compressor Meets New Emission Standards


June 7, 2011

May  24, 2011 – Commerce City, CO – Atlas Copco’s New XAS 750 JD7 Tier 4a rotary screw, portable compressor generates 750 CFM of air at 100 psi . Powered by a 200 hp John Deere six-cylinder diesel engine, the XAS 750 JD7 is Tier 4a compliant and designed for heavy-duty construction environments.

The XAS 750 JD7 uses a new, improved air end, with an advanced rotor profile this air end reduces the horsepower required to produce the 750 CFM, resulting in better fuel efficiency. The air pressure is adjustable from 58 psi up to 125 psi.

The John Deere engine uses Exhaust Gas Recirculation technology to reduce NOx emissions. The exhaust gases are cooled and reintroduced to the engine cylinders, resulting in lower peak combustion temperature, reducing NOx formation. A particulate filter is then used to remove the increased amount of particulate matter in order to meet the new Tier 4a emission standards.

The electronically controlled, water-cooled engine, variable speed fan, and new Atlas Copco air end reduces fuel consumption to 8.2 gallons per hour at 100 percent load. This is a significant reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, with the 78 gallon fuel capacity the operator gets more than a full 8 hour day at full load.

The new XAS 750 JD7 fits cleanly into a similar single-axle, fast-track enclosure. This new enclosure is sound suppressed and smaller than competitively sized compressor packages. The XAS 750 JD7 features an A-frame drawbar, surge hydraulic brakes and torsion bar suspension, which provides durability, stability and road performance when in tow. The XAS is also available in a support-mounted configuration.

The steel, gull-wing enclosures provide easy access to the engine and all service points, so routine maintenance can be completed quickly and conveniently.

The New XAS 750 JD7 confirms Atlas Copco’s commitment to sustainable productivity.

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