August 2008 – Information Library


August 1, 2008

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

Inspection check-list books

The Checker’s Transportation Fleet Management Series includes 55 vehicle and equipment check-list books, helping to keep vehicles in compliance with federal, state, and provincial inspection standards and requirements for all on- and off-road vehicles. Each book contains 150 two-copy carbonless sets that last up to six or seven months. The checklists allow companies to standardize inspections and documentation. The Checker.

Safety training

Four new safety training programs are now available. The online Silica Safety Awareness program provides workers with detailed information about silica, exposures, and the health effects that can occur when workers breathe in the mineral compound when chipping, cutting, drilling, or grinding objects that contain crystalline silica.

The new Hazard Communication: Informed for Safety video/DVD training program covers potential injuries resulting from hazardous chemical contact, contains material safety data sheets, explains container labeling, and includes best safety practices for working with chemicals.

Also new is Personal Protective Equipment: Your Defensive Line, a video/DVD program that stresses the importance of using the proper PPE to ensure that the body is protected from outside dangers. Areas covered include protection of the eyes, face, head, hearing, hands, and feet.

Finally, the video/DVD program, Heat Stress: Preventative Measures, covers the causes of heat stress, how to prepare for the heat, heat stress disorders and their health effects, and safe work practices. Summit Training Source.

Sustainable development reports

A new CD, Research in Support of Sustainable Development, includes published reports and studies on pervious concrete, the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry LEED Reference Guide, and the Crushed Returned Concrete as Aggregates for New Concrete final report. RMC Research & Education Foundation.

Testing equipment catalog

A new catalog, Testing Equipment for Construction Materials, contains information on equipment used for the testing of soils, concrete, cement, asphalt, pavement, and aggregate. The catalog includes both field and lab test equipment. Humboldt Mfg.

OSHA answer book

The OSHA Answer Book Series, 8th Edition clarifies what you need to do in order to comply with safety and health regulations, including training, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements. The OSHA Answer Book features comprehensive explanations of OSHA regulations and standards in an easy-to-understand format. The OSHA Training Answer Book is designed to provide information on how to establish an effective training program and provide information on what employers need to know about OSHA training requirements. The OSHA Recordkeeping Answer Book explains OSHA’s new recordkeeping rules in simple language so there’s little risk of confusion or misinterpretation of the law and helps determine whether an injury or illness is recordable. American Road & Transportation Builders Association.

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