August 2008 – RollOuts


August 1, 2008

by Kirk Landers, Editorial Director

Rigid-frame dump debuts

Moxy Engineering used the 2008 ConExpo-Con/Agg show for the first public showing of the AB510, a rigid-frame dump truck with a 51-ton payload capacity. The 600-horsepower hauler has a six-speed transmission and a front steering axle with two independent suspension cylinders. The tipping body has a heaped capacity of 37.3 cubic yards.

Upgraded screening

Powerscreen has introduced the new Chieftain 2100X as an upgrade of its popular Chieftain 2100. Available as a two- and three-deck, it has 14-percent greater bottom deck screen area to provide greater screening capability. The company says it also has greater stockpile capacity and sets up ready to run in less than 30 minutes.

Super-stable suspension system

Volvo says its new, seven-model E-Series articulated haulers introduced this year are the first to offer a suspension system with automatic leveling and stability control on all wheels. The lineup ranges from the 26.5-ton A25E to the 43-ton A40E. Tier 3 engines have brought a surge of power: the A40E FS got a 12-percent increase in horsepower and a 19-percent increase in torque.

The A35E and A40E models also have a new fully automatic, nine-speed “fast-adaptive” transmission that features an optimized gear shift pattern with a precise overlap of ratios to provide constant power transfer. All models have new frames, axles, and a single-speed drop box with longitudinal differential and 100-percent lockup to reduce power losses and improve traction and fuel efficiency.

Also new: more powerful exhaust brakes and retarders, and improved cooling systems.

Payload capacity reaches 43.5 tons

Caterpillar introduced in new 740 articulated hauler with expanded capacity earlier this year, touting its 43.5-ton payload capacity as the highest in the class. Its expanded capacity truck body handles up to 31.4 cubic yards of material. Other features on the truck include differential locks that can be engaged and disengaged on the go for faster cycle times in poor underfoot conditions and steep grades, a 453-horsepower engine, and a seven-speed automatic transmission with individual clutch modulation to ensure constant shift times even when the oil is cold.

Six-wheel drive all the time

Moxy unveiled its upgraded MT26 Series III haulers at the ConExpo-Con/Agg show earlier this year. The 310-horsepower artic has a heaped capacity of 26 cubic yards and a 24-ton payload. New features include a new skip design, wet disc brakes on all wheels, and a substantial reduction in truck weight. Like all Moxy artics, the MT26 Series III has full time six-wheel drive, a free-swinging rear tandem bogie, independent front suspension, and an articulated hinge system.

Also new at ConExpo-Con/Agg was Moxy’s new three-model line of ejector trucks, the MDT31, MDT41, and MDT51. The new models have bodies built from hardened abrasive-resistant steel plates and three-stage ejector rams to move the bulkhead rearwards to eject material. The first model shown in North America was the MDT31, which has a 29-cubic-yard heaped capacity.

All-in-one sand plant

KPI-JCI is in production with its new portable, self-contained plant that scrubs, screens, and washes aggregate at a rate of up to 500 tons per hour. It includes a 36-inch twin-blade mill, 44-inch twin fine-material washer, and a 6- by 20-foot three-deck horizontal vibrating screen. The company says the plant’s greatest advantage is setup time – about 4 hours, says KPI-JCI, compared to several days for a traditional plant.

Heavy-duty grizzly feeder

Masaba Mining Equipment has launched a new 11- by 16-foot, heavy-duty grizzly feeder that includes a new self-releasing grizzly mechanism that is said to eliminate lodged rock between bars. Construction features include a hopper discharge trough line with bolt-in flashing made from steel cutting edges, a wide flange-beam constructed chassis, a three-axle chassis, and a bolt-on half-inch-thick steel bulkhead with reinforced beams on each side of the plant.

Controls spillage and dust

ASGCO Manufacturing has unveiled Flo-Control, a transfer point system for handling granular and particulate materials. The company designs, fabricates, and installs Flo-Control based on its 3-DEM chute analysis simulation program that focuses on solving spillage and dust control in loading zones. The system uses a hood deflector to control material flow as it leaves the discharge pulley, and a “spoon” design on the receiving end of the conveyor for soft loading.

Increased scalping efficiency

Terex Pegson developed the XH250 Trakpactor to increase scalping efficiency and provide a high reduction ratio in applications such as crushing concrete or asphalt rubble, or limestone with low to medium hardness. It features a four-blow-bar horizontal impactor with mono block upper apron design and a 33.4- by 33.4-inch rotor; its maximum throughput capacity is 250 tons per hour.

Mass production excavator

Kobelco’s newest entry in the 80- to 90-ton excavator class is the SK850LC Super Acera. The new machine features faster cycle times, greater fuel efficiency, and a larger bucket than its predecessor and it has four work modes for precisely matching performance and fuel efficiency to each task.

Improved installation tool

Flexco has improved its Aluminum MSRT Installation Tool. The multiple rivet-driving tool is used to assist splice installers in harsh working environments where heavy splicing equipment has to be moved on a regular basis. The primary improvement in the tool is a scalloped design of the riser plate that allows for faster, more accurate alignment of fastener strips on the anvil plate.

Improves motor efficiency

Power Efficiency has improved its three-phase motor efficiency controller by making it digital. Compared to its analog predecessor, the new model is smaller and easier to install. Used with conveyor motors, the controller optimizes energy efficiency and qualifies users for utility rebates. It extends motor life and provides soft-start functionality with electric overload protection.

New family of motors

WEG has developed a new family of three-phase motors with rolled steel bodies and cast iron endbells. The motors are available in 12 sizes, from 1 to 20 horsepower. The company says the motors are lightweight alternatives to its popular cast iron motors.

Cooler conveyor motors

WEG has developed a new control regimen for totally enclosed, fan-cooled induction motors that are used to drive conveyor belts. The company says the new regimen enables a standard TEFC motor powered by a WEG variable speed drive to operate at a much cooler temperature across its entire speed range, especially at low speeds where the integral fan no longer provides efficient cooling.

On demand power blast

Kobelco has introduced the new 66,800-pound, 197-horsepower SK295LC Mark 8 excavator. It sports a new Tier 3 engine and a Power Boost system that kicks up breakout force by 10 percent on demand.

Most powerful breaker

Atlas Copco says the new HB 10000 is the most powerful unit in the company’s line of hydraulic breakers. The new breaker weighs 10 metric tons, measures 9.5 feet high, and delivers 50 percent more impact energy than the company’s next largest unit, the HB 7000. Suitable for carriers in the 85- to 140-metric ton class, the HB 10000 accepts hydraulic flow of 119 to 140 gallons per minute and delivers up to 380 blows per minute.

New short-swing excavators

Hitachi has introduced two new 54-horsepower short-swing excavators, the 17,743-pound ZX75US-3 and the 18,821-pound ZX85USB-3. The ZX75US-3 has a standard boom while the ZX85USB-3 has a swing boom. Both feature two working modes to match engine output to work demand.

Semi-mobile scalping trommel

Titan Equipment has rolled out its new Quick Set-up, semi-mobile scalping trommel. The modular unit is available in various forms for the quarrying and recycling industries. Capacities range from 250 to 1,000 tons per hour.

Sound amplification earmuffs

Howard Light has introduced a new ultra-slim sound amplification earmuff specifically designed for use in intermittent and impact noise environments. The slim design of the Impact Sport earmuffs makes them more comfortable for long-term wear, and patented electronics amplify sound to 82 dBa while also protecting against hazardous noise, says the company.

Eliminates blind spots

ASA Electronics has rolled out a new line of Voyager heavy-duty observation systems to eliminate blind spots in mobile construction equipment. Voyager Observation Systems come with a variety of camera and monitor options, including heavy-duty and waterproof models.


Case Construction Equipment is now offering 100-percent remanufactured hydraulic pumps for its CX and 90B series excavators.

Volvo Trucks engines with an optional Low NOx Idle feature now meet California’s stringent requirements for truck-idling emissions.

WEG has announced a program for ordering custom-designed AC induction motors for a wide range of horsepower, voltage, and speed ratings.

Chevron has introduced a new 10W-30 Delo 400 LE multi-grade diesel oil for engines burning ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD). A 15W-40 Delo 400 LE was introduced earlier.

Inpro/Seal Co. is offering a Return on Investment Calculation Worksheet that helps users of pumps and motors quantify the effectiveness of bearing isolators when applied to rotating equipment.

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