August 2009 – RollOuts

Therese Dunphy

August 1, 2009

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


Mobile equipment simulation-capable software

BedRock Software, LLC recently released its new AggFlow with track-mounted (mobile) equipment simulation capability. The company says the new program allows users to calculate mass aggregate and water balances flowing through a plant simulation using stationary and mobile equipment. The simulations help improve profitability by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks; by assessing the impact of proposed changes or new equipment before they are made; and by reducing plant downtime and production errors. The program is also said to help track and reduce emissions and fuel consumption by refining overall plant efficiency.

The company started with a simulation of Powerscreen International’s line of crushing and screening equipment and is constantly adding to the data library. Users can select from the pre-populated equipment data library or install their own equipment models using the generic equipment application. Equipment will be added upon request.

The new program is available free of charge to all currently licensed AggFlow users.


New diesel engine expands power range

Tognum is expanding its lower power range with outputs between 270 and 730 kW with its new MTU Series 1600 diesel engine. The company says it is especially relevant in off-highway applications including construction machinery.

The company says the new engine complies with EPA Tier 2 and Tier 3 specifications, and its modular design and standardized interfaces make it open to future integration of exhaust after-treatment systems. It will be offered in an in-line configuration with six cylinders, as well as in V-configurations with eight, 10, and 12 cylinders.

The first 12V engines for emergency and peak-shaving gensets will be introduced in the fall, followed by smaller engines for power generation. Production of engines for other applications will be introduced in succession.


High-production compact wheel loader

Komatsu America Corp. says its new WA50-6 compact wheel loader is designed for increased production and operator comfort. The machine has an operating weight of 8,100 pounds and features a maximum dump height of 8 feet, 1 inch. Automatic electronic bucket leveling is controlled by the bucket control lever. The wheel loader also features the Komtrax fleet monitoring system, which sends operating information such as operating hours, machine location, and machine usage to a secure Web site via wireless.


Portable stockpiling conveyor

ro54-promaxThe new Promax 6536T portable track-mounted stockpiling conveyor from Extec Screens and Crushers Southeast features a 65-foot-long, 36-inch-wide belt and a stockpiling height of 26 feet at 400 tons per hour. The conveyor folds over hydraulically at both ends to dimensions of 7 feet, 6 inches in width and 7 feet, 7 inches in height, allowing for transport on a flat bed trailer. It can be loaded into a shipping container and shipped without dismantling. Other features include remote-control tracking operation, a vulcanized heavy-duty belt, and U.S. bearings.


Small, powerful crusher

Sandvik says its new CJ208 jaw crusher offers a unique combination of lightweight equipment and heavy-duty crushing applications, and is easy to operate and maintain. The crusher’s bolted feet enable it to be used as a stationary unit with zero-degree inclination or on a mobile unit with five-degree inclination.


Long-lasting belt cleaner

Superior Industries says its new Exterra belt cleaner is designed for extended cleaning power and fewer change outs. The company beefed up the belt cleaner by adding more urethane, especially at the blade’s tip, to make it last longer. Sold separately or as a unit, the company says the system’s blade, pole, and tensioning assembly are replaceable and easy to install. The cleaner is designed for belt widths from 18 to 72 inches.


Truck box liner reduces noise

Sandvik’s new WT6000 rubber linings offer wear protection for truck boxes or hoppers used in the rock mining industry. The company says the linings offer reduced noise, long life, reduced risk of buckles and cracks in the chassis or hopper, reduced risk of fines freezing during winter, fewer maintenance stoppages, less structural repair work, and lower cost per transported ton.


Small, insertable dust collector

Martin Engineering’s upgraded insertable dust collector features improved filters and a smaller footprint while controlling airborne dust at belt conveyor loading points. The smaller filter’s mesh-like material filters better and lasts longer, says the company, while consuming less energy than conventional filter bags. The unit’s pulse cleaning system sends a short pulse of air through the filter to dislodge accumulated material. No tools are required to change the filter.


Customizable rotary valve

Aerodyne says its Rhino H Rotary Valve, used for metering dry granular materials in manufacturing processes, provides a smooth, predictable flow of material without the problems that plague other valves not designed for abrasive materials or not able to be customized. The valve’s vanes have hardened tips. Tight tolerances between shroud and rotor vanes minimize material entry that can cause wear. The valve is available with four, six, or eight vanes; standard sizes are 8, 10, 12, and 15 inches.


State-of-the-art diesel engine

Volvo Penta says it 16-liter TAD1643VE is a completely new, state-of-the-art, variable-speed diesel engine built on the company’s in-line-six platform. It boasts a high-tech fuel injection and air charging system with low internal losses for exceptional combustion and low fuel consumption. Available as a factory power unit or loose engine, the company says it is designed for easy, economical installation and is well balanced to produce smooth, vibration-free operation with minimal noise levels. Service and maintenance points are easy to access. The engine is equipped with piston cooling and is also fitted with replaceable cylinder liners and valve seat/guides to ensure maximum durability and service life.


Tier 4/Stage III engine technology

John Deere Power Systems says it has new technology to meet the stringent Interim Tier 4/Stage III B mobile off-highway emissions regulations. The company developed an exhaust filter consisting of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that it will add to its Tier 3/Stage III A PowerTech Plus engine platform. According to the company, the DOC reduces carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and some particulate matter. The downstream DPF traps and holds particulates remaining in the exhaust stream where they are eventually oxidized through a process known as regeneration. The new engines will be released in January 2011 when the new Tier 4/Stage III B regulations become effective.


New generation submersible pump

Grindex says its new generation submersible heavy-duty drainage/sludge pumps are ideal for construction, tunneling, mining, and other industries. Features include “Smart” Motor Protection that prevents pumps from single phasing, overheating, and backward rotation; and an air valve that allows the pump to run completely dry without damage. Designs range from 1.9 to 140 horsepower and deliver between 155 and 5,000 gallons per minute.


Free fleet management starter edition

BorgSolutions has upgraded its Astral fleet management software through proprietary technology and renamed it Borg Fleet. The company says the Web-based software’s patent-pending technology leverages telematics by providing artificial intelligence to fleet maintenance — a first of its kind in fleet management.

The company is offering a free starter edition to small fleet owners/operators (less than 20 units). The starter edition will offer asset management, work order management, employee management, maintenance scheduling, supplier administration, and reports. As an added benefit, it will provide basic GPS support, online support services, and automatic software updates.

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