B-TEK D800 Digital Indicator


July 13, 2009

weightThe full line of B-TEK Dialogik Digital Weight Indicators includes the D410, D450, and D800. These proven indicators offer the latest technology in a design well suited for use in a wide range of applications. The D800 is an innovative terminal that utilizes an extended alphanumeric keypad and large High Visibility LCD display. The D800 includes powerful built-in Multi-Scale, Truck Management, Batching and Product Code management programs.
Features and Specifications
  • NTEP Certified: COC #03-066
  • Analog or digital scale versions available
  • Duplex (multi-scale) available Analog or Display
  • Can control 3 scales using (1) duplex D800 and (1) D410 repeater
  • Molded ABS IP65 enclosure
  • Full 56 key PC-style keypad
  • PS2 port for external PC keyboard
  • Large backlit graphic display
  • Text-based configuration
  • Store and modify configurations with PC software
  • Customizable boot-up image
  • Loading or unloading extraction (batching)
  • Multi-interval
  • Multi-range
  • Multi-point linearization
  • (2) remote inputs
  • (2) setpoint relays
  • (3) COM ports:
    • (1) RS-232 only
    • (2) RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 comm. port
  • Programmable print: with PC software or from keypad
  • Built-in print driver for Epson TM-295
  • (2) “Plug and Play” option card slots
  • Setpoints configurable to control traffic lights or gates
  • Time & date
  • Auto-zero
  • Push button zero
  • Auto tare
  • Keyboard tare
  • Multiple tare memories
  • Product code management
  • Client code management
  • Totals management
    • General total
    • Partial total
    • Product code total
    • Client code total
    • Truck ID totals
  • Gross/net display
  • Center of zero annunciator
  • Units available (lb, kg, g, t)
  • AC power supply
  • Programmable motion detection
  • -10 C to 40 C operation temperature
  • Ethernet card for remote-location programming/maintenance
  • Duplex-versions (multi-scale) – analog or digital
  • Batching software for managing formulas and products
  • Axle-weighing software
  • 4 remote input/4 setpoint output card (110V 200mA max.)
  • 4 remote input/12 setpoint output card (24V 100mA max.)
  • RS-232 / RS-422 expansion card
  • MPP permanent weight memory
  • 12VDC power supply
  • Panel mount kit

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