Bald eagle family may affect development of Martin Marietta sand and gravel mine in Colorado

Kerry Clines

June 15, 2017

Photo courtesy of Dana Bove.

Two bald eagles and their two eaglets are living in a tree on Martin Marietta Corp. land in Boulder County, Colo., that has already been permitted to become a sand and gravel mining operation, 9News reports. “This is one of the most popular nests in Boulder County,” Dana Bove, a local, tells the news agency, adding that he is concerned that the eagles may be impacted by mine development.

Julie Mikulas, land manager for Martin Marietta, says the company always works to protect the raptor population. “We have no intention of taking down the tree that the eagles are nesting in,” she tells the news agency. “We’re working close with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to implement a plan to protect the eagle.”

Bove also worries about potential impacts on a prairie dog colony in the same area. “There are prairie dogs that I believe this particular nest depends upon that could be disturbed,” he tells the news agency.

“We’re evaluating all the wildlife out there and trying to implement a plan that protects as much as we can,” Mikula tells the news agency, adding that the mining operation would consist of mining sand and gravel in 35-acre sections that will be restored as mining moves to new areas. “We’ve retained a wildlife biologist to update the studies, including the evaluation of the bald eagle that has moved in after the permits were issued.” 


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