Blinding Buster Automated Screen Cleaner


March 9, 2010

Aggregate Innovators patented and began selling the “Blinding Buster” Automated Screen Cleaner a couple years ago. Truly a mom and pop aggregate producer, the whole concept of the product started as a back garage idea. The start was slow, at best, but “word of mouth” in the aggregate business is wicked. Sales picked up simply from different plant managers recommending the product to colleagues.  

The screen cleaner has the following features:

  •  Will fit any size screen, horizontal or vertical.
  •  Sets up in less than an hour.
  •  Will ELIMINATE blinding on all media.
  •  Safe for vibratory and high frequency screens.
  •  Will pay for itself almost instantly.

Increase throughput, make more consistent fines, and never stop production to clean a screen again! 


The screen cleaner is installed on both screens, but was turned off for one hour on the left screen to show the difference.
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