Body of teenager pulled from Milford quarry

Brian Ethridge

July 11, 2014

Tragedy has once again struck a quarry in Milford, Massachusetts. Although rescue crews feared the worst when a teenager jumped off a cliff into the pond and never surfaced, they remained somewhat hopeful. After all, the teen had been swimming at the quarry for years without incident.

“They’ve been swimming in there for God knows how many years, and it’s hard to keep them out,” said Mindy Katz, who lives on Walden Way – a housing development near the quarry. “It’s just really sad. It is very, very dangerous.”

Photo Credit: Art Illman of the Associated Press
Photo Credit: Art Illman of the Associated Press

Unfortunately, reality set in as divers pulled the body of 18-year-old Nentor Dahn of Providence from Fletcher’s Quarry. His body was found about 70 feet deep and 10 feet away from the cliff he jumped off of.

This is not the first tragedy to take place at a Milford quarry. It is the second death since 2007 and the fourth in nearly two decades. Yet for some reason teenagers are still attracted to old quarries and see them as the perfect party spots.

Fletcher’s Quarry, a privately owned and managed by Barkan Management Co. in Hopinkton, is a common place amongst partygoers. Cigarette butts, beer cans and other trash can be found in abundance below the tall cliffs and in small crevices near the water.

According to Milford police, they have attempted to fence off the quarry but trespassers just cut their way through. Authorities are also frequently towing vehicles illegally parked on the private property.

Fire Chief Bill Touhey is well aware of the dangers, but doesn’t know what can be done to permanently keep trespassers away. Unless there is a guard on duty 24/7, people are bound to flock to the area.

“Kids are looking for the thrill of jumping off the cliffs,” Fire Chief Bill Touhey said. “If we weren’t here, they’d be in there.”

With murky, stone-filled waters as deep as 120 feet Fletcher’s Quarry is NOT a safe place for swimmers and/or divers.

“It’s very, very unsafe,” Touhey said. “It’s very dangerous just walking along these quarries, let alone jumping off a cliff. Go to the beach.”

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