May 14, 2012

MB is already the leading producer of crushing attachments, with thousands of machines operating on excavators around the world. Still, many customers were asking for skid steer and backhoe attachments. As well, some of our clients (involved in mining and other vast projects) were looking for larger machines. MB heard. Now, customers also have access to the Smallest crusher on the market and the BIGGEST crusher bucket in the world!

MB’s two skid-steer loader mounted crushers, the MB-L 160 and MB-L 200, will allow the users of skid-steers to crush material with extreme efficiency. They are specifically engineered to work within the specs of the skid-steers and loaders. MB America is already answering many calls from customers that want to improve the capabilities of their equipment fleet.

With equal enthusiasm, MB also introduces the largest crushing attachment on the market, the BF150.10! Created for large operations, this heavy-duty machine has an unprecedented width of more than 5′, is meant to be used on large excavators and yields the highest production on the market.

MB is ramping up production and will start filling requests in the upcoming quarter of 2012.

For more information, please contact MB America, 1-855-622-7874. Additional information is available at 

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