Bolivar BZA considers granting conditional use permit for sand and gravel mining operation

July 2, 2013

welcomeThe Bolivar Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) in Bolivar, Ohio, last month listened to various testimonies regarding a proposed Massillon Materials sand and gravel mining operation, according to the Times-Reporter.

Company attorney Brian Barger, various experts and adjacent land owners gave their testimonies, discussing whether company owner Howard Wenger should be given a conditional use permit for the 182-acre location.

Board President Dick Leibold said the board has to make a decision within 30 days of the meeting.

The Bolivar council has already approved a request to rezone the property from agricultural to industrial and manufacturing (after first denying the request). The board now has to approve the conditional use request before operations can begin.

Barger said the operation will produce aggregates to be used in asphalt for roads, bridges, soil and sewer systems. It will mine five acres each year, he said, and up to 200 trucks would travel in and out each day.

Barger added that the company intends to build an access road for the trucks, construct earthen beams as barriers for nearby residents and monitor groundwater.

Don Waltermeyer of Air Consulting Services LLC testified that the operation would not negatively air quality.

Thomas Mignery, senior hydrogeologist from engineering firm Burgess & Niple, told the board “the ground water will not be negatively impacted by this operation.”

Dan Miller, certified appraiser at his firm Valuation Services, noted that the operation is not likely to cause a decrease in market value.

Several residents disagreed, pointing to the proposed lot as “having the second highest potential for water pollution in the county,” stating concerns about noise levels and arguing that the real estate would be impacted.

However, Wenger noted that the mining operation would create 10 to 20 jobs in the next 20 years.

The board is expected to make a decision this month.

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