Bonita Springs’ limestone mine could serve as future reservoir

June 9, 2014


Officials in Bonita Springs, Fla., are discussing how a local limestone mine will be used in the future.

The permit for limestone mine Bonita Grande Aggregates will expire on May 27, 2020, and the city is interested in how it will be reclaimed.

That’s because, according to, the site is located on a groundwater resource, which makes reclaiming the area as a housing development unlikely, though the mine owner proposed a residential development last year.

One potential option, however, could be to turn the site into a reservoir to prevent flooding in nearby areas.

The idea isn’t foreign to the aggregates industry. A portion of Chicago’s Thornton Quarry is being reclaimed as the Thornton Reservoir, which will prevent flooding in the greater Chicago area starting next year.

Bonita Springs officials are continuing to analyze the site and have placed a moratorium on increased development until January. The moratorium does not affect current mining operations.

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