January 19, 2012

BTI in its continued commitment to innovation in rock breaking, introduces its all new high-velocity control (HVC) boom system to its product line. The HVC is designed to meet with the ever increasing site operation need for faster boom speeds, without sacrificing control. This new generation of rock breaker boom systems differ significantly by providing “fly by wire” computer assisted control, allowing simultaneous dip and hoist functionality. This enables greater production through rapid, smooth motion into and out of the gyratory crusher rock box thereby increasing the number of truck dumps per hour and overall tonnage through the crusher. In fact, tests indicate an improved boom cycle rate (in and out of the gyratory rock box) of almost 50 percent. Combined with smoother operator control and reduced stress on boom, the Smart boom boasts several upgraded features such as:

• Higher horsepower electric motor.

• Higher flow rate pumps with constant horsepower control.

• High flow directional control valve.

• Electrical boom position feedback for speed and pressure control.

• Complete system upgrade providing superior duty cycle and performance characteristics.


This provides operators unparalleled performance in:

• Improved swing speed control.

• Swing pressure control.

• Soft stops – hoist, dipper, and swing.

• Arm moment speed control.

The HVC system or smart boom utilizes state-of-the-art sensors through a computer “brain” or IQAN-CANBus system to realize real-time position and constant force values, ensuring reduced shock loading and optimum use of force and speed where needed. Easy to use and intuitively responsive to the joystick operation, it truly is the next generation of boom systems.

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