Boone County quarry owner seeks special-use permit to continue operations

May 6, 2014

hand holding gavel

The owners of a quarry in Boone County, Illinois will soon find out if operations at the site can continue for five more years.

The Boone County Board is considering the approval of a five-year, special use permit that would allow the quarry, owned by Plote Construction Inc., to continue to operate, the Rockford Register Star reports.

According to the report, the quarry doesn’t face much opposition and the board is likely to approve the permit.

Permit conditions include that the company must consult with the Boone County Health Department about location of future monitoring wells and must repair or replace wells within one-half mile of the quarry that have been deemed damaged or inoperable by an Illinois Licensed Professional Geologist.

The board is slated to vote on the permit on May 21.

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