Bowser-Morner: Subsurface Sampling and Exploration for the Aggregate/Mineral Industry


March 29, 2010

BMI-SonicAggregate producers are often looking to explore existing or new Greenfield sites for reserves analysis. Retrieving large diameter, accurate samples to determine stratigraphy and gradation is vital.

Bowser-Morner’s Sonic rigs can recover 4-inch continuous core samples of sand and gravel deposits to maximum mining depths and continue into consolidated formations, and our ‘N’ (2”) or ‘H’ (2.5”) wire line coring rigs are ideal for limestone or other mineral formations.

Finally, Bowser-Morner’s aggregate testing and geologic consulting services are the perfect complement to our subsurface exploration services for quality-minded producers. Call or write Tim Augustine at (937) 236-8805, ext.273 or

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