March 10, 2010

Bucyrus-R20T-Hydraulic-TracPlano, TX March 9, 2010—Bucyrus has introduced two additional options for its R20T hydraulic track drill—the carousel rod changer and single rod changer options.

 Designed as a field-serviceable, high-production drill with the largest drill pattern available (395 sq ft/36 sq m), the R20T further expands its capabilities with an innovative carousel rod changer and single rod changer. Both ease maintenance requirements with features such as corrosion-resistant, self-lubricating coatings on normal wear parts and pivot pins, which eliminate the need for lubrication. This provides long life and is one less area for customers to maintain.

 The carousel rod changer will hold five rods in the carousel and one 20 ft (6.1 m) in the feed for a total of six rods. The carousel can change either 12 ft (3.66 m) or 14 ft (4.27 m). The single rod changer will hold a 12 ft (3.66 m) or 14 ft (4.27 m) rod in the magazine and a 20 ft (6.1 m) starter steel in the feed.

 The unique carousel and single rod changer gate design also reduces maintenance requirements by eliminating parts and reducing rod change time. Competitive drills require an added step of opening the gate before they can move the drill steel, but with the R20T’s carousel and single rod changer, this step is unnecessary. 

 Addressing the time-consuming effort formerly required to change the size of the steel in a rod changer, the rod gripper design accommodates 38 mm, 45 mm and 51 mm drill steel. This unique design allows for minimal part change, and reduced changeover time and cost in the field. Other time- and money-saving features found on the carousel and single rod changer include:

  • Weight and number of parts is reduced due to a new hose-tensioner design incorporated into the upper carousel mount; also neatly routes hoses and ensures proper alignment, helping increase hose life; the single rod changer has a similar tensioner that offers the same benefits
  • Improved rod-change time as a result of the powerful dual rod grippers
  • More efficient dust collection from a multi-position, pre-cleaner mount
  • Proper rod position is assured and vibration-prone sensor failures are eliminated on the carousel rod changer due to the integrated carousel indexing and locking; also reduces component part complexity and count (the single rod changer uses a hydraulic cylinder to swing the rod in or out)
  • Components weigh less, providing for a full complement of steel in the carousel (six steels and one in the feed) and single rod changer to maximize hole depth
  • Available for 12 ft (3.66 m) or 14 ft (4.27 m) steel

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