365C Ultra High Demolition (UHD) Hydraulic Excavators


November 14, 2007

Caterpillar engineers have designed and produced specialized machines with the objective of increasing productivity at every stage of the process. Added to that, our machines have been developed with an emphasis on stability, durability and ease of use. They also come with the backing of your local Cat® dealer. They can help you with finding the right machine and tools for the job and advise you how to get the most out of your equipment.








Units:  US

Engine Model

Cat® C15 ACERT

Net Power

411 hp


2000 RPM


Operating weight

188936 lb

Machine weight (UHD configuration)

188914 lb

Machine weight (retrofit configuration)

181639 lb

Max tool weight (over the front)

6614 lb

Max tool weight (360°)

4409 lb

Max tool weight (over the side)

4409 lb


Shipping gauge (retracted position)

108 in

Working gauge (extended position)

138 in

Ground clearance

35 in

Shipping length

816 in

Boom height

170 in

Cab height (with FOGS)

155 in

Working Range

Max horizontal reach

21 600 mm 850 in

Maximum allowable angle from vertical

25 Degrees

Max pin height

33 100 mm 1,303 in

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