CalPortland joins in 70th anniversary celebration of Interstate 10

Kerry Clines

September 15, 2017

CalPortland employees celebrating achievement

In August 2017, CalPortland celebrated the 70th anniversary of Interstate 10 with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), California Nevada Cement Association, Southwest Concrete Pavement Association, American Concrete Pavement Association, Portland Cement Association (PCA), state legislators, and construction industry leaders. The California State Senate and State Assembly recognized the highway with a formal proclamation of its longevity and remarkable service, and recognized the freeway for its sustainability and resiliency to the forces of nature and traffic volumes of more than 270,000 vehicles per day.

CalPortland Colton Cement provided the cement for construction of the original highway, which was built by Matich Corp. and Griffith Co. in 1947. The interstate was designed to last 20 years, but it is still viable because of the performance of the pavement design and rehabilitation strategies used by Caltrans to maintain the pavement. The pavement was the first in the United States to use diamond grinding, which removes the surface “bumps” and other irregularities to restore the pavement to almost new condition. The original 70-year-old lanes still provide safe passage for traffic today, and will for years to come.

“It is with great spirit today that I express my hearty congratulations to Caltrans, CalPortland, Matich Corporation, Griffith Company, and the State of California,” said Allen Hamblen, President/CEO of CalPortland and 2017 Chairman of PCA at the event, according to a press release. “This section of highway is not only a testament of the durability and sustainability of quality concrete construction, it is also a reminder of how we must design and construct resilient projects that will withstand the impacts of increased use and an increasingly demanding environment.” 


CalPortland's Allen Hamblen elected chairman of PCA Board of Directors

CalPortland’s Allen Hamblen elected chairman of PCA Board of Directors

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) announced that Allen Hamblen, President and CEO of CalPortland Company, was elected chairman of the PCA Board of Directors, where he will ...

“I celebrate this incredible and remarkable event of the 70th anniversary of this seemingly indestructible pavement,” said Assembly Member and Transportation Chairman Jim Frazier during the event, according to the press release. “This is an amazing success story of a heavily used concrete pavement that has provided maximum return on investment and has exceeded its original design life by 50 years!”

“I grew up in Colton and realize how important Interstate 10 is to the Inland Empire, so I am proud to be celebrating this incredible event,” Assembly Member Eloise Gomez-Reyes told the group gathered, according to the press release. “CalPortland Colton Cement is also very important to me, I am here to help celebrate my people.”

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