Cardinal’s SRC Guardian™ Truck Scale Provides Optimum Endurance for Heavy-Duty Weighing


August 30, 2010

Cardinal Scale’s SRC Guardian™ hydraulic truck scales are the longest-lasting in-ground, NTEP legal-for-trade scale for heavy-duty weighing on the market. This full-platform scale utilizes hydraulic load cells that are invulnerable to all major common truck scale problems, such as lightning damage, electrical surges, water damage, and rodent damage. The concrete deck of the scale is installed flush with the ground surface for easy access by heavy vehicles.

The heart of a hydraulic load cell is a drop of oil. A total of ½ pint of oil is all that is needed in one complete Cardinal hydraulic truck scale, so that no electrical circuits are necessary in a Guardian™. That is why this truck scale carries a true lifetime warranty and comes ready for hostile environments.

Cardinal offers optional grain dump modules on all truck scales, which expedite unloading, saving time and operation costs. Cardinal’s wide range of weight indicators support the ability to print, send weight data to a PC, and can include options such as Ethernet communications or badge readers for additional truck weight management.

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